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Nutschell Anne Windsor, CBW-LA President: nutschell@cbw-la.org, c: 310-465-5381

Angie Flores, CBW-LA Marketing Manager: angie@cbw-la.org, c: 310-408-3764




Donations Will Recognize and Honor Filipino Founder’s Roots, Help Children


TORRANCE, CA – Nov. 13, 2013 – The Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles revealed plans to donate 50 percent of book sales proceeds to relief efforts in the Philippines following a unanimous Board of Directors decision November 12, 2013. The donations will be valid for all Story Sprouts Writing Day Exercises and Anthology 2013 sales in both print and digital format from November 2013 through January 2014.

Two of the five CBW-LA board members have close ties to the Philippines. President and Founder Nutschell Anne Windsor was born and raised in the island nation, but moved to the United States eight years ago to be with her family, while Marketing Manager Angie Flores married into a Filipino family with relatives in Cebu and Manila.

Windsor maintains a strong relationship with her Filipino heritage. She is a member of the Doce Pares martial arts group, a Filipino martial arts group founded in Cebu that meets in Redondo Beach. Windsor said she is fortunate that most of her family in the Philippines live in the northern part of the country, which escaped the devastation by Supertyphoon Haiyan, but her heart goes out to all those personally affected.

“My own relatives and friends are mostly in Manila and its surrounding areas, and they were thankfully not affected by the storm,” said Windsor. “But my other adopted family, the Doce Pares Martial Arts family, has had to deal with friends and relatives back in the Philippines who have lost businesses, homes, and loved ones.”

A revered leader, Windsor taps into her cultural roots as she lends a supportive hand and instills passion in the writers of CBW-LA.

“Though I now call Los Angeles my home, a part of me will always live in Manila,” Windsor said. “My Filipino upbringing, combined with the holistic, well-rounded education I received back home, has certainly made me the person I am today. Filipinos value generosity, hospitality, solidarity and respect for others, so these values often show in the way I deal with people, and the way I manage CBW-LA.”

Flores was close to Filipino culture as a Hollywood native growing up, with many friends and coworkers hailing from the Philippines. Now married, her affinity for the Filipino culture continues. Her mother-in-law is from Manila and father-in-law from Cebu. While they now live in the Los Angeles area, many relatives still own and run mango farms in Cebu. She has always felt blessed to be embraced by the community.

“The Philippine community is very caring, hospitable, and generous,” said Flores.

She is still waiting to hear from some loved ones, and hopes that CBW-LA can reach many people in need of assistance through the book’s sales.

“I am proud to be a part of a group who is willing to assist in the aid of the Philippines,” said Flores. “As an individual, there is only so much you can do. With the CBW-LA, we will be able to use this platform as a base to request assistance and support for a country that directly affects the groups members.”

Story Sprouts, by CBW-LA Publications, is a mix of writer’s resource and anthology, with 38 new pieces from published and aspiring children’s book authors created during a one-day writing workshop. Windsor developed the workshop and co-edited the anthology along with Publications Editor Alana Garrigues. The book uncovers the creative process in its raw form, celebrating the seeds of story generation. Framing the anthology pieces are the 10 writing exercises that guided the authors along their journey, as well as tips and techniques shared at the workshop.

The book is ideal for writers as well as readers and all those who support new voices in literature.

To purchase Story Sprouts and support the relief efforts in the Philippines, contact Ms. Windsor directly or go to http://amzn.to/1gvKSUM.

Local bookstores interested in shelving Story Sprouts or allowing CBW-LA to sell copies during an in-store promotion are encouraged to contact Ms. Windsor directly at nutschell@cbw-la.org.


About CBW-LA

The non-profit 501(c)3 CBW-LA was founded in 2010 in Torrance, California. CBW-LA provides education and inspiration for published writers and writers on the road to publication. We offer a venue to share knowledge and information between writers, members of the publishing industry, educators, libraries, and other members of the Los Angeles community involved in promoting children’s literature and literacy for children.

For additional information, visit http://www.cbw-la.org or http://www.storysproutsanthology.com.




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