Write Your Own Scene: Kayla Wayman Fan Fiction

 We’d love to see your Kayla Wayman fan fiction! Write your own story as you send Kayla off on an adventure, and ask your teacher or your parents to share it with us at storysprouts@cbw-la.org.

 Here are some tips to creating a great scene:

* Pick a location anywhere in the world. Need help choosing? Think of a place you’ve always wanted to go, or pick a country that your ancestors came from.

* Pick a date. You can pick a specific date, like the date of the moon landing (July 20, 1969), a holiday that comes every year (Valentine’s Day), a year or even a decade or a century.

* Ask an adult to help you research your time and location. Don’t just rely on the internet! If you have access to a library, check out a book or two about the time period and the location you chose. Learn everything you can about the geography and the culture: food, clothing, language, music, dance and more. Look for clues that could cause problems or challenges for Kayla: extreme weather, natural disaster, unfamiliar traditions.

* Ask an adult to help you find pictures of the location you chose. These will help you describe where Kayla’s going.

* Figure out the other characters in the story. Will Kayla to go on the trip by herself, or will she travel with her mom? If she travels alone, does she meet anyone while she’s there?

* Write a story with a beginning, middle and an end. In the beginning, describe the setting. In the middle, give Kayla a problem. In the end, help her solve that problem … or introduce a new one and finish your scene with a cliffhanger.

* Be open to surprise twists in the story. Kayla can be pretty tricky sometimes.

* Finally, have fun with it!


Teachers, if you’d like a FREE copy of the handout supplied to our authors, including favorite phrases and details about Kayla’s hobbies and more, send us an email at storysprouts@cbw-la.org. You’re free to use it in your own classroom! If you’re local to Los Angeles, we’ll even come for a classroom visit and help you teach the lesson.

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