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Story Sprouts 2015 Authors


Tiffani Barth

Tiffani Barth was born and raised in upstate New York. The second of seven children (five boys, two girls), she had a built-in audience for endless bedtime stories, and probably the most motivating family fan base one could ask for. Now, six manuscripts later, she is ready to share her stories with the world.

The abundance of younger siblings fostered a love of writing Young Adult and Middle Grade fantasy, which she is actively working on. She is consistently surprised by the hidden truths and realities provided by imaginary worlds and situations, and loves how these stories allow her to see her own world with a new—and hopefully better—perspective.

She has a BA in Film, and has spent a number of years in L.A. working in television. Recently she moved to Salt Lake City, to pursue other career options. She loves to travel and draw on the beauty of nature and the mountains for her inspiration.

Tiffani is the Treasurer for CBW–LA, and is also a member of SCBWI. Outside of writing, she enjoys camping, hiking, playing music, going to movies, and exploring off the grid nooks within her own city. She can usually be found in a hole in the wall café, sipping tea and plugging away at her latest novel.

This is Tiffani’s second appearance in Story Sprouts.


V.V. Cadieux



Bryan Caldwell

Bryan C. Caldwell is the Executive Director of CRE Outreach, an L.A. based non-profit that specializes in creating original theatrical pieces with underserved populations which include: at-risk youth, the visually-impaired community and military veterans. CRE Outreach is also home to Theatre by the Blind, the country’s only entirely blind theatre troupe. Bryan has written over fifty plays which have been produced and performed by these communities. Currently he oversees a team of actors and educators which provide theatre programs during school hours and as a part of the visual and performing arts standards for California. The curriculum is based on original play creation from the adaptations of popular children’s stories. These programs are taught at schools across Los Angeles, and CRE Outreach is an arts provider for both the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Bryan’s stories in the Story Sprouts Anthology represent his first literary publication. He is a member of the CBW–LA, SCBWI, the Wimpole Street Writers, and the Santa Monica Fantasy Writers Collective.

A Colorado native, Bryan currently resides in Redondo Beach, California with his mini-dachshund, Milkdud.


Inna Chon


Audrey Criss


Abi Cunningham


Scott Cunningham


Cacy Duncan

A resident of Inglewood, CA, Cacy Duncan likes writing about aliens, monsters and superpowers. She likes reading and watching “junk” about them too. She hopes to one day own a t-shirt with an alpaca wearing an afro on it. If she ever got a puppy, she would name him Kiba. Thanks to her four-year-old nephew, she’s pretty good at pronouncing dinosaur names. Her favorite to say is pachycephalosaurus.
But she totally had to look up how to spell it.
If Cacy is sitting in front of a blank computer screen playing Papa Pear Saga on her phone, it’s not because she isn’t writing. She totally is. In her brain. Her current manuscript is about superheroes. She can occasionally be found on Twitter @WineAri.

This is Cacy’s second appearance in Story Sprouts.


Angie Flores

Angie Flores was born and raised in Hollywood. A firm believer in fairy tales, Angie met her Prince Charming after college, and he became her happily ever after. Now she calls the South Bay home, along with her husband and three boys.
Angie’s boys inspired her love of writing children’s stories and picture books. She has over twenty stories waiting to be discovered. Angie has also written two television pilots, scripts for on-air radio announcements, and a movie script. Currently a part-time human resources manager, she writes handbooks, policies and procedures, and marketing materials.
Angie loves to travel, make jewelry, and roller skate on the beach. Insomnia usually brings her the time to write her stories. Angie has spoken to middle school writing classes on topics such as finding motivation and The Journey of a Story.
Angie serves on the CBW–LA Board of Directors as Marketing and Fundraising Manager.

This is Angie’s second appearance in Story Sprouts.


Alana Garrigues

See editor bio.


J.J. Gow

J. J. Gow is a clinical researcher, a freelance writer, a wife, a mother, a photographer, a family chef, an explorer and a reader with a passion for creative writing for children and young adults. She is a contributing writer under the name of Hertha Crystal for Yahoo and LitCentralOC. Currently, she is working on a YA historical novel, and revising the first draft of her middle grade fantasy fiction. She is an active member of O.C. Writers and two critique groups. She lives in Orange County, California with her family and dog Joey. She is on Facebook at and at She tweets @WriterJJGow and @HerthaCrystal.


Cassie Gustafson

Cassie Gustafson lives to create, whether via writing, painting, or doodling. Her interests center around paranormal fiction and trauma narratives, both of which she explores in her dual graduate program of an MA in English Literature and an MFA in Writing for Children. Her favorite color has always been red (though blue’s a good one too), and penguins, pandas, Heffalumps and Woozles make her smile. Her eccentric obsessions include red telephone booths, libraries and built-in bookshelves with sliding ladders, the sound and smell of rain, and avocado toast. She soaks up the sun in Long Beach with her pilot husband, Carl, and princess kitty, Maui, and hopes to acquire a hermit crab in the near future (she will name him Spike). Her motto is live—laugh—love—repeat.


Glenn Jason Hanna

When he’s not writing, Glenn’s watching the Mets, playing board games, drawing, or wondering what’s in the back of his fridge that’s turning green.

This is Glenn’s second appearance in Story Sprouts.


Caitlin Hernandez


Michelle Marchand

Michelle Falardeau Marchand is a freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in many publications, including WILD Magazine, Equinox, and Triathlete. She is a member of the critiquing group O.C. Inklings. Michelle has a BS in Wildlife Ecology from McGill University, but discovered she would rather incorporate wildlife into her writing than work in the field. She recently spent eighteen months in Munich, Germany with her husband and three children, and currently lives in Southern California. She blogs about overseas travel and creating a pseudo-rural existence in the suburbs at



Lucy Ravitch

Lucy Ravitch is a picture book/novelty book author who loves to teach. With a background in elementary education, she shares her love of learning wherever she goes. Lucy is a full-time mother, writer, and blogger living in Southern California. Her math resource blog,, offers free hands-on math activities for anyone who teaches children. Her social links can be found on the blog. In January 2015 she will run a Kickstarter campaign to publish The Pancake Menu: What will you order? Menu & Cookbook, the first book in her Kids’ Menu Book series.

Lucy is the Secretary for CBW–LA and active SCBWI member. She is enthusiastic about writing and learning and has a positive attitude. Writing is a process, and she is grateful for everyone who has helped her become more refined along her writing journey.

Find her at:


Blogger: Kids Math Teacher

This is Lucy’s second appearance in Story Sprouts.  


Donna Marie Robb

Donna Marie Robb works as a children’s librarian and enjoys traveling to exotic foreign countries with her husband, Ron Atmur. She’s had several short stories published online and in literary magazines such as Wild Violet, Femspec, and Tales of the Talisman. She has also reviewed children’s books for School Library Journal and is currently busy revising a young adult novel.

This is Donna’s second appearance in Story Sprouts.


Judy Rubin

Though Judy Rubin lives in Downey, California, she has traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to research and to gain insight for her manuscripts. With an MA in Literature, as well as standard secondary, community college, and library service credentials, she has worked as a language arts teacher, a storyteller, and a library media teacher from middle school through college levels, as well as provided district level teacher training in storytelling workshops and creative writing techniques.


Amy Terranova

Amy Danner loves to read, doodle, paint, dance and write in sunny Southern California. She delights in teaching the art of storytelling in her classroom full of very young readers and writers! Together, Amy and her students write stories every day, and “publish” and share these stories every week. The curiosity and creativity of her children has inspired Amy to write many of her Picture Books! Amy is a member of CBW–LA and SCBWI. You can visit her on Facebook or at



Mollie Silver



Peleise Smith

Ms. Smith resides in Southern California with her awesome husband.
She will try anything at least once. She’s tried belly dancing, the O.C. Color Run and hip hop dancing—to name a few.
Ms. Smith is inspired by new experiences, new people, other writers and CBW–LA.
You may find her at or via twitter @prettymuchstuff.



Bernadette Windsor

Bernadette U. Windsor has a BS in Education with a Major in English/Literature and a Minor in Mathematics from the Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines. She started her MA in Education at the National Teachers’ College, Philippines. She was a writers’ consultant for the Center of Educational Management in Makati for some years and head of the English Department at Miriam College High School (where she taught for many years) in Quezon City, Philippines.

She is the author of English Communication, a Textbook for Third Year High School, and co-author of English Communication, a Textbook for Fourth Year High School. She has also written two workbooks and the Students’ Guide to Theme Writing, with Sta. Teresa Publications, Philippines.

Bernadette holds an MA in Catholic School Administration from Loyola Marymount University. She currently teaches middle school, and serves as an assistant principal at St. Helen School, Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

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